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RIEGL RiCOPTER Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for Unmanned Laser Scanner

einstieg-uls-systemLaser Scanning utilizing high-end unmanned airborne platforms provides the possibility to acquire data in dangerous and/or hard-to-reach areas, while offering an excellent cost-to-benefit-ratio for numerous applications, e.g. precision farming, forestry and mining.

With the VUX-1 survey-grade LiDAR sensor for unmanned laser scanning integrated, the RIEGL RiCOPTER, RIEGL‘s remotely piloted airborne laser scanning system is now ready for professional surveying missions.

Main Features

  • Robust and reliable airborne scanner carrying platform 624 x 986 x 1470 mm (with folded arms for transport & storage), 1,920 x 1,820 x 470 mm (with unfolded arms ready to fly)
  • MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Mass) <25 kg (class 1 unmanned aircraft)
  • Max. payload (power supply and sensors) up to 16 kg
  • Max. operating flight altitude AGL >500 ft *
  • Flight endurance (with max. payload) >30 min
  • Full mechanical and electrical integration of sensor system components into aircraft fuselage
  • Carbon fibre main frame, foldable propeller carrier arms, and shock-absorbing undercarriage enable stable flight, safe landings and handy transportation
  • Coaxial array of 4 x 2 propellers enhancing flight stability and failure safety while reducing overall weight
  • Stable case for transportation (1,220 x 810 x 54 mm)

*Operational limits for civil unmanned aircraft according to national regulations to be observed.

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